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Rabu, 14 Januari 2009

Be The Best For Your Self

If you can not become a pine tree on top of the hill there,
So make your lawn
Elegant extend the green hills in the valley.

If not grass, scrub also be
As a protective nan beautiful rose.
If you're not able to make a lush,
Be carpet grass turn green everywhere.

If you are not a beautiful gold fish,
Make yourself proud of milk fish in the brackish.

Because in this life,
Not all can be Nahkoda,
Thinker, creator, or inventor renowned.
You can be a crew
The most diligent and good at yours ship,
Passengers or the wise.

Surely there is something in yourself.
It's heavy duty, there is a lightweight.
If you can not be months, the glint of stars.
Do not be corn, if your ass for good.
Something that is not seen from the losers or winners.
But, be yourself is the best for you.

Douglas Mallock

Failure A Opportunity

Many people want to start a business, even have already decided what the business will start. But when the opportunity is there in front of the eyes that see, thought, especial in the brain, calculated, and continues to be, other people have run faster precede. Opportunities also failed to obtain. Things like this are painful and tighten chest. Therefore, you must have a mature concept and knowledge of the "Smart Entrepreneur" is sharp, so you have the instinct and intuition to take advantage of the sharp chance you.

The failure of an opportunity that can come from a variety of ways, including:

1. Taking a decision does not immediately
The opportunity is only through the course, sometimes you know it, or you do not even know about it.

2. Gone is the time
It has the opportunity and the time period. Sometimes can be a long time, can also short. So, you also need to see whether you should take a decision now or later.

3. No accurate survey, only your perception Only
Sometimes you are ready, time is also right, but you have to do the survey, which is inaccurate. This will also create opportunities to be inaccurate or fumble. In fact what is predicted by one and you are not in accordance with market conditions.

4. Taken People
Remember that many people who think the same with you. So do not assume that you are the person first, so you feel safe and stay calm. Competitors will be taking your opportunities.

5. No Clearly the strategy and its concept
This resulted in the business "before fading to develop." When you get a chance, it is very unusual. However, the more difficult is to realize your dream.

How To Empowering Your Opportunity

1. Make it better than ...
"Improved" your opportunity, add the "added value" and features.

2. Make it "really different"
Functionality of the product you may be the same as the others, but all things must be different, both psitioning, packaging, perception, and so forth.

3. Better than to inovate to meet
Innovate better than the other trace products. However, it is not good if you do not take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

4. Make your opportunity is unique
Make your business a truly unique and not have both of them. Not only different, but typically segregated.

5. Make your specialist skills is
Make you a great opportunity because you are a specialist in the field. There is a term that exactly describes its "Uncompareable".

After the opportunity we finish this, you should still be careful, because the opportunity is but a "seed". You still need other capital that is "Time" to make your business grow and develop. Business is quickly destroyed often begins with the attitude that in a hurry. Many times we get the opportunity, but failed to realize.


One of the key to success in starting a business or become an entrepreneur is the original inspiration, and in this case is a strategy to find opportunities. There are two main factors the incidence of inspiration, namely insting and intuition. Perhaps this is the second appearance in the sense, the instinct or the sharpness in the situation, but it is actually both have the same goal, but different in terms of how the source or inspiration.
An instinct to analyze an incident that had experienced one to predict events that will come or will happen next. Intuition have the same goal, namely to predict events in the future, but based on events that have not yet experienced.
So, which is often used in the business world is both. Instinctively used to avoid, and intuition and is used to step forward. Neither instinct and intuition have the same source, the inspiration. Inspiration is the Rata Penuhfirst step to the strength or the spirit of entrepreneur to start a business. Without it all, may not occur or the strength of a dream to start a motivator entrepreneur.
Was inspired from the habits, knowledge, and skills. Inspiration is the inherent difficulties, obstacles, problems, challenges, and a trial that did not limitless. Source of inspiration that can be extracted from your creativity. From there you will find inspiration that will create a business idea to create opportunities.
The idea that someone business arising from an incident that he experienced routine, so enticing to go into it to try the ability and knowledge assets. The inspiration to create ideas, and ideas that create opportunities. But know that without the knowledge, the opportunities that information is just a normal course. With the knowledge and skills, will be inspired to create a chance. However, the opportunity is also not without courage will create a business.
Therefore, to start a business, start with the entry into it to get away, and so inspired to create ideas that will generate opportunities. Then it's up to you. Do you even have the courage or fear?

Prepare With Cook and passionate

To start a entrepreneur, you must specify the purpose of your business. People call this vision, goals and mission. Business without a goal is like running without direction.
After defining the business goals, you need to do a "focusing". Focus on goals, not the problem. Many people do not focus on business goals, so that he only barrier-constraints. For instance we want to see the top of the mountain mist. If you use a telescope, there are two results. If you focus, you see is a beautiful mountain top, not a bush or tree on the slopes of the mountain. However, if you do not focus, you will see exactly big trees, wild animals, shrub, or hose that big, that will make you afraid to go there. So, terrified people to realize the dream is because it does not focus on the goals.Next to climb to the top of the mountain, there are only two processes, the fast or not up to the summit. Why?
When you want something or someone to go to a place without passion, he will feel that it will be up for a long time once. But when he exuberant, as if time passed so quickly. Therefore, the business of rapid business success takes time and passion in it. You must be enthusiastic in the wheel business. To do is to love your business and jobs. Without that, the success you achieve will be long, even though never to.

Selasa, 13 Januari 2009

Focus And Totality

If you want to go to a place after you leave the house, what do you think? Barriers or a failure? Or, if you're up to the destination safely? That, in between the beginning and end of the steps there are obstacles and failures that stand in line with the amount that many, so you often use negative words such as "perhaps", "if", "if only", and so forth. For that, we must remain focused on the totality and in step to achieve the goals and ideals of our own.
Did you see the glasses? When you see something, focus binoculars will make your goals clear, and obstacles will appear blurry. However, if you are not the focus, which appears is the major target and will appear blurry because it is behind the barrier. So, there is only one word, FOCUS. We have them.
When you still cling to your establishment, said, "I can" and believe that you really can. Do this repeatedly until you reach the goals you and attach the motivator in every corner of the house. That is the focus.
So you do not change your mind or to look back, struggled with a total full devotion. Businesses that require full concentration, and because almost 80% of time you will have to wrestle with your business, then there is only one condition in the start a business, the business of love. If you love your business, then in it, you will be happy to do so and not with a heavy burden. Focus, the total work and love your business, and you will get that success will be in front of your eyes. If it is so, there is only one strategy that you need, which is "survive".

Myth-The Myth of About Entrepreneur

Many myths often become role models, opinions, and views for people who want to start a run. Myths are the mind and makes people and often creates a sense of fear is greater than before, or even try to avoid it.
Let's see what are the myths about any entrepreneur, so we do not imitate.
1. A successful entrepreneur is because fate. Seriously?
Many people who do not dare to become an entrepreneur because only that people believe in the word, that being an entrepreneur is not a way of life. This myth is so embedded in the hearts and minds so long since they do not have the desire of the show in their mind to become an entrepreneur. Why? We need to think that life is a choice, and we actually faced by many of the options, only that we restrict. Success or failure does not have one that will matter. In fact, no one else is able to change their lives and our future, except ourselves.

2. A successful entrepreneur is because a large capital. There are also!
Capital necessary to start a business, but that capital? Many types of capital needed for a successful businessman. However, the capital money is not the only key factors that make it a successful entrepreneur.

3. Entrepreneur is the offspring. Oh, yes?
Some people think that a businessman was because the descendants of factors. That's wrong! People who think like this to see that they can be an entrepreneur because the people around them think that people who become successful entrepreneur is a child or grandchild's also an entrepreneur, and business and they digeluti same. In the long run this be a myth that is hereditary. Remember that all people can become entrepreneur. But depending on the business where you choose and get started. I am sure you can.